Scenic Rim Food Ambassador: Elliot Platz

Crafting Culinary Magic: A Peek into Chef Elliot Platz’s Scenic Rim Journey


Born and raised in the Scenic Rim on a quaint family farm just outside Harrisville, Elliot’s roots in this picturesque region run deep. His story is not just a culinary adventure from farm hand to chef, but a heartfelt connection to the land and role models that shaped him.

Meet chef Elliot Platz, whose passion for cooking ignited in his grandmother’s kitchen during his weekends as a young boy. From the sweet aroma of baking biscuits to the sneakily tasting cake batter behind his Grandma’s back, Elliot learned the love and respect for food that would shape his future.

“Cooking is at a glance the simplest and most gratifying of the arts, but to cook well one must love and respect food.”

A Homecoming to the Scenic Rim

Fast forward through the chapters of Elliot’s life, where countless episodes of the Japanese cult classic “Iron Chef” and Marco Pierre White’s TV series played influential roles. However, it was the 12 months working as a local farm hand that fully immersed him in his culinary passion.

“I had no intentions of becoming a chef, but life’s twists led me on this remarkable culinary journey.”

Now, after nearly two years entrenched in the Scenic Rim’s culinary scene, Elliot has worked with some of the state’s best producers and chefs. Notably with Homage Restaurant under the Spicers Group and Blume Restaurant in Boonah before taking the leap to Kooroomba Restaurant.

Local Ingredients: A Choice for Quality

As a dedicated Scenic Rim Food Ambassador, Elliot seamlessly weaves relationships with local farmers, producers, and artisans, infusing authenticity into every dish. His commitment to local ingredients is a deliberate choice, driven by a desire to showcase the exceptional quality unique to the Scenic Rim.

In his words, “Good food starts with good produce, and I’m grateful to nurture that connection as a chef.”

Mentoring the Next Generation at Boonah SHS

Beyond the kitchen, Elliot takes on the role of mentor at Boonah SHS, sharing his expertise with the next generation. Inspired by his own high school experiences, he provides students with opportunities like the Paddock-to-Plate Dinner, fostering growth and development in a personal and relatable way.

Fun Facts: A Glimpse into Chef Elliot’s Culinary World

1. Three Ingredients he Can’t Live Without: Salt, Sriracha Sauce, and Butter – versatile staples for both sweet and savoury creations.
2. Cooking Tip with Local Produce: Skip the oil when cooking pasta; let it cook with ample water.
3. Best Advice Received: Positivity breeds positivity.

In chef Elliot Platz’s culinary realm, every dish is a symphony of flavours, crafted with love, respect, and a deep connection to the Scenic Rim. As we savour the lingering taste of this odyssey, we’re reminded that Elliot’s culinary magic isn’t just about the dishes he creates; it’s a celebration of a region, a community, and a sustainable culinary legacy.