Winter Harvest Festival – Accessibility Statement

Welcome to Winter Harvest Festival.

We invite all visitors to join us in celebrating local flavours and community spirit. We are dedicated to creating a safe, accessible, and enjoyable environment for everyone, regardless of age, ability or background.

We understand the importance of accessibility and are actively working to ensure all attendees can participate and enjoy our event. Below you will find an overview of the accessibility features available:

Car Parking

Accessible Car Parking is available at Winter Harvest Festival at Peak Vets which is located on Edward Street, Kalbar. It is approximately 150m away from the event entry on George Street. It is requested that any accessible car parking requests complete the below Contact Us form.

General Public Car Parking is located at the Kalbar Showgrounds (entry off Edward Street) which is a 600m walk to the Winter Harvest Festival Entry.

There is a controlled crossing over Edward Street to assist with the safe movement of pedestrians from the car park to the event.

The path of travel from both car parks to the event does have an incline but uses existing even footpath along Edward and George Street.


Accessible Entry into the event is via the existing footpaths along George Street. An event layout map will be released closer to the event and will note the accessible entry points.

Winter Harvest Festival will be held across the following venues in Kalbar:

George Street – will be closed for the Event. Most of the stallholders will be located on George Street with space for patrons to move around on the road and footpaths on either side.

Kalbar Civic Centre Park & Salvation Army Grounds has a mix of terrains including a dirt road, grass and netball/basketball courts. A temporary ramp will be installed within the Kalbar Park area to ensure the area is as accessible as possible.

The Kalbar School of Arts & Memorial Hall is where the Celebration of Lost Culinary Arts is held. There is a ramp access however there is a sharp turn at the top of the ramp into the building which could be challenging for some wheelchairs. Access to the ramp is over grass.


Accessible Toilets

There will be two temporary Accessible Toilets onsite which will be brought in for the event. One will be located at the Kalbar Showgrounds parking area and the other in Kalbar Park. The location of both of these will be noted on the event layout map when released.

winter harvest festival accessible toilet

Dining and Seating

There is a mix of available seating onsite for event participants.


There will be directional signage located throughout the event site.

Guide Dogs & Assistance Animals:

We warmly welcome guide dogs, service animals, and assistance animals. A water bowl will be located next to the Urban Utilities water refill station.

Companion Cards:

We accept Companion Cards. Companion Card holders receive a second ‘companion ticket’ at no charge. This can be booked on-line during the ticket booking process.

Your Comfort and Accessibility Are Our Priority

We are here to help make your experience as accessible and enjoyable as possible. If you have any specific accessibility needs, requests, or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss individual accommodations and will do our utmost to meet your needs.