Can’t get your carrots to grow straight? Want to know how your carrots are grown, picked, washed and packed?

Keen to give the children an authentic farm experience?

Come along to the Kalfresh Carrot Field Day, being held during Scenic Rim Eat Local Week.

The farmers who grow and supply carrots to Kalfresh Vegetables will be on hand to answer your questions, demonstrate the machines they use to plant seed, harvest and irrigate their crops.

Tour the Kalfresh washing and packing factory and see the new vision grader at work. The grader sorts carrots by size, shape and quality by taking thousands of photographs of the carrots every second.

Finally roll up your sleeves, pull on your gumboots and get muddy in the paddock. Pick your own bag of carrots to take home – the kids will love it.

Find out more at the Kalfresh website