Revisit 2023

Long Lunches & Dinners

In 2023, Eat Local Month featured 37 sumptuous long lunches, degustations, and dinners, each thoughtfully crafted by our exceptional local producers and chefs to honour the local produce of the Scenic Rim.

These culinary celebrations took place against the backdrop of our spectacular region. From the lush vineyards and charming breweries to the scenic mountaintops and serene olive groves, under the shade of century-old jacaranda trees, and within the most prestigious restaurants across the region, this is where the essence of our local flavours truly shines.

Family Friendly

For the food-loving families, 2023 brought a delightful lineup of events that were both fun and educational!

Families could stroll through carrot paddocks and pluck their own straight from the earth, cuddle adorable farm animals, discover the secrets of growing mushrooms and to top it off, enjoy the culinary adventure of Winter Harvest Festival, the signature family event of Eat Local Month. Each of these events provided an opportunity to create lasting memories that will be cherished forever.

Tours & Experiences

Across Eat Local Month our visitors had the opportunity to explore the art of coffee growing and roasting, uncover the secrets of Queensland’s oldest craft distillery, and enjoy unique farm tours. Whether it was picking veggies with fifth-generation farmers at Valley Pride Produce, learning about camel farming at Summer Land Camels, or strolling through Tommerup’s Dairy Farm, visitors got to connect with the source of their food and hear farmers’ stories. These experiences made Eat Local Month truly special.

Workshops & Classes

Unlocking secrets straight from the source! Scenic Rim producers were geared up and eager to share their knowledge and expertise throughout the region. There were classes on gin blending, spirit distilling, cocktail making, edible flower picking, cupcake decorating, floral tea blending (how cool!), gourmet mushroom growing, and farming garlic and ginger. These sessions were unique to Eat Local Month and to the region.

Meet the Producer

To those lucky enough to meet the individuals behind the sheep, cheese, beer and wine production, they can attest to how unique an experience it was. This year, Towri Sheep Cheeses, Witches Falls Winery, Tommerup’s Dairy Farm, Scenic Rim Brewery and a host of local producers opened their doors and shared their captivating stories. For beer, wine, dairy, and cheese enthusiasts, these events were simply a must-attend!

Talks & Tastings

Whisked away on a mouthwatering adventure, visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of our region’s wineries, distilleries, breweries, and farm gates.

The event opened up the doors for visitors to uncover the art of wine tasting, unlock the secrets of brewing beer, and learn a host of tips and tricks from our expert producers and chefs.

This flavour-packed experience ignited a deeper understanding and appreciation for the process behind the produce of our region.